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Topic: Activating the Green Dragon
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 4/12/2000 10:32 PM

Dear Kewpie,

Overall, the dragon `cannot' be activated by planting plants.

There are other issues here:

1. The `secret' weapon in Feng Shui are trees. With trees, it attracts birds, for example.

2. Too many trees especially if the grow tall creates too yin an environment.

3. Following the Compass school, becareful of planting:

a. A lone tree, which may eventually grow tall or huge on the North East compass degree direction of the House. This is the devils main gate.

Alternatively avoid planting the same type of tree at the South West and West side.

b. Trees are believed to be able to harbour wondering spirits, which may simply take up refuge in the trees (or hide in them).

Well the above is a `belief'.

4. Some practitioners believe that one should also not plant two trees e.g. between the main gate. This represents two joss sticks which represents `death'.

5. If your compound or garden is of reasonable size, plant trees, the `natural' way.

If your house e.g. is at a corner, you can plant trees surrounding the side of the house where the public can see into.

Go moderate, in planting plants or trees.

Warmest Regards,

On 4/12/00 7:17:00 PM, Kewpie L wrote:
>Hi. I'm planning on planting
>a fruit/flower tree in front
>of our yard but not sure if I
>should do so. From what I've
>learned. The dragon is on the
>right of the house(looking out
>from the house) and the tiger
>is on the left? Is it a good
>idea to plant a tree on the
>right side of the yard to
>activate a green dragon? and
>what will it do if it is
>activated? Any suggestions to
>this? Any kind of tree is ok?
>Planted anywhere? 1 tree? 2
>tree? or 3? etc. It will be
>planted in the W. Please

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